The Mix Spring Sports Broadcasting Schedule 2016

03/07/16              Mon.     Kiowa at Wilburton Baseball                             4:30pm    1 – 7

03/09/16              Wed.     Redlands College at EOSC Baseball               1:00pm    TBD                      

03/31/16              Thurs.   Buffalo Valley at Wilburton Baseball               4:00pm    1 – 7

04/05/16              Tues.     Crowder at Wilburton Baseball                       4:00pm     1 – 7

04/07/16              Thurs.   Rose State at EOSC Softball                             2 & 4pm    DH

04/11/16              Mon.     Carl Albert at EOSC Baseball                              7:00pm     TBD

04/12/16              Tues.     Canadian at Wilburton Baseball                       4:30pm      1 – 7      

04/19/16              Tues.     Connors State at EOSC Softball                       2 & 4pm     DH

04/21/16              Thurs.   Connors State at EOSC Baseball                       1:00pm      TBD

04/26/16              Tues.     Carl Albert at EOSC Softball                             2 & 4pm     DH

04/30/16              Sat.        Seminole State at EOSC Baseball                    1:00pm      TBD

05/07/16              Sat.        Northeastern at EOSC Baseball                        2:00pm     TBD

(Game dates and times subject to change)

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